Prices of Gold

The economy is ever changing and therefore commodities prices also keep on changing. More often than not, it is believed that the prices of gold and its subsequent worth are less volatile to the harsh economic conditions. While this holds some truth, at times, the prices of gold may fluctuate too. While it is good to store wealth in form of gold coins, sometimes it may be necessary to cash in your gold watch for money.

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Prices of gold is inherently declining

Sometimes it is better to face reality and work to salvage the little left than to remain optimistic and loose everything. If the prices of gold begins to decline and analysts and other experts predict its continued fall, it would be better to cash in your gold and salvage whatever you can. However, sometimes, it may be wise to wait till the decline is at its lowest and buy back the gold before the rise begins. This is especially profitable for the short term speculators.


Sometimes, a wave of insecurity may hit a region and this may affect even the safest of places where you may store your gold. In such instances, it is advisable to sell of your gold and put the money in the bank. This is especially so in cases where there has been a series of high end theft. Whereas the gold may be insured, it may be safer to keep off the investment until things get better.

Dire need of money

Sometimes, you may be in dire need of money either to purchase a house or some other asset. While some people may opt to borrow money, it is not advisable to head this route if you have some gold watches stashed away somewhere. You had rather sell off your gold watches and jewellery and make the investment instead of borrowing. Borrowing, with the high interest rates, has become quite an expensive affair. Therefore, if you can stay out of debt, you will be better off.

Factor to consider when cashing in your gold watches

First, you need to understand your watch or jewellery. This is important as the prices of gold is based on its purity and number of karats. Understanding this will minimise chances of being conned or paid far less than your gold is worth. Secondly, you need to understand the prevailing market conditions and the therefore the prevailing prices of gold. In addition, you will be required to find a legitimate and authorised dealer to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

While some gold is worth more when sold as jewellery, some other gold is better when it is melted down into a single piece. This way, it fetches more money. You will be required to either use your judgement or to seek professional advice before you make the choice. While it may seem easy to get a quote, it is good to get several quotes before you sell your watch or jewellery. Always go for the best deal and this can only be achieved once you have carried out massive research and have shopped around.